MOVIL [Mobile]

MOVIL (Mobile) is a dance piece which reflects the very concept of work and working, becoming a self-referential work. It started by generating an inside look at the creative process, the people who create, the performer and the audience, as subjects which are part of it, as well as creation, performance and perception as inherent experiences within.


Direction: Andrea Torres Viedma

Performers: Daniella Soto, Rodrigo Chaverini, Fransisca Espinoza, Luis Leiva, Gabriela Lazcano, Patricio Bravo, Jose Rojas, Andrea Torres

Music: Jose Rojas

Video: Gabriela Lazcano, Patricio Bravo

Set Design: Pablo de la Fuente

Light Design: Marcelo Arancibia

Graphic Design: Carolina Quinteros

Production: Alejandra Salgado, TorresRojas CuerpoCreativo




Photo: Cristina Vargas