on skin…


The process I have been developing has to do with the skin, the borders, the touch and the surface. It has started from the idea of the open body evolving to the relationship between the skin and the world considering the touch as a way of connecting both dimensions (skin/world) and then taking into consideration the textures as a possible outcome of this relation.

In this sense, I have been working with the question what if ourselves is not only inside of this container but on the surface, in the border, in the exchange. This is how I have been practicing with the idea of permeability. Letting the world enter through the pores and not only inform me about a context but modifies myself in that context in a dynamic exchange. This is why is important the presence and the present as a continuous arriving at the movement/body. And also, what happen between the contained and the scattered, what can permeate us, and what we can excrete through it.

“It borders my experience and permeates my existence in a way that is uniquely tactile and involving – disclosing me to myself even as I reach out to the world.” (Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, 2010)



Victoria Malin / Adam Moore / Kirsty Alexander / Independent Dance / Siobhan Davies Dance Studios