Common Ground

Public sharing and workshop with Andrea Torres-Viedma 

This piece started as a dance workshop based on exploring ways of moving together, connecting with each other and our surroundings in both the dance studio and  local/Leith public spaces. Through movement practice and scores, the process aimed to develop bodily awareness to support ourselves for dancing, and to create collective embodied experiences for exploring and re-imagining part of the neighborhood.  

The public sharing took place at Leith Arches as part of the LeithLate Festival.

Facilitator and choreographer: Andrea Torres Viedma

Dancers: Akiko Kobayashi, Sarah Lewis, Valerie Ortega, Dayna Ortner and Andrea Torres Viedma

Music: Jose Rojas

LeithLate Producer: Camilla Crosta

LeithLate Assistant producer: Joe Robins

Photo: Ross Fraser McLean