Lecturas de un Crimen en Tercera Persona [Readings of a Crime in Third Person]


Based upon the story of a crime that happened in Santiago de Chile in 1923, the murder and dismembering of a poor man by her wife, this piece reconstructs a social process linked to poverty at that time, the impact the crime caused, and the moral and ideological interests portrayed by mass media, from the point of view of the aesthetics, music, and other features of the time.


Direction: Andrea Torres Viedma

Concept: TorresRojas CuerpoCreativo

Performers: Barbara Achondo, Daniella Soto, Andrea Torres, Pablo Barckhahn, Patricio Chavez, Luis Leiva

Music Composition and Sound Design: Jose Rojas

Set, costume and light design: Daniel Bagnara

Graphic Design: Carolina Quinteros

Production: Mapocho Sputnik, TorresRojas CuerpoCreativo


Photo: Gabriela Lazcano, Jose Rojas