On encounter and stillness

The research explores togetherness as difference, entanglement, and persistence, and proposes the notions of encounter and stillness as elements that could help in such an exploration.  

As part of the research, I have facilitated two encounters with the community in the context of the Minor Movement Celebration, held at The University of Edinburgh by the Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry (CCRI). This event is connected with the global ‘Minor Movements’ initiative, prompted by Erin Manning and SenseLab

Walking encounter

Encounter for walking together, sharing some of the ideas framing the practice, and for experiencing some simple actions in outdoor areas.


Moving encounter

An encounter to explore some of the aspects of the practice that I am devising, moving with others through simple scores in the studio.


Beti Mendez, Carolina Costamante, Debbie Allan, Monica De Loanni, Raquel Ribes.

Walking encounter route and audio file / Edinburgh

  • Route

Chrystal Macmillan Building – Start / George Square towards Charles St / Charles St towards Teviot Pl, passing between the Teviot house and McEwan Hall / Teviot Pl towards Tupiniquim (Brazilian Crepes) / Middle Meadow Walk towards the Meadows / Meadows Compas – End


  • Audio file for the route