En el Nombre [In the Name Of]

Photographs: Andy Docket              


This is a piece part of the collaborative project Esquina Abierta (Primeras Colaboraciones) – Open Corner (First Collaborations), and posed as a problem the construction of meaning and discourse in itself, through the reorganization of a work based on preexisting works. Thus, the work assessed the idea of quotation, usage, insistence, repetition, and decontextualization, by resignifying certain images and scenes, being the variety of possibilities and free interpretation an essential, embodying and empowering the idea in form and content.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Video: Andy Docket


Directed: Andrea Torres Viedma

Made from work by Macarena Campbell, Rodrigo Chaverini, Paula Montecinos.

Performers: Francisca Espinoza, Daniella Soto, Andrea Torres

Music composition and sound design: José Rojas.

Set design: Marcelo Arancibia

Graphic design: Andy Docket

Photographs and visual: Andy Docket